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Engaging Landscape Architecture from an Indigenous Perspective

Landscape Architecture is an important component of the Indigenous Placekeeping FrameworkTM due to the intersection between the field of Landscape Architecture and the natural world. In this workshop, many foundational terms will be explored including place attachments, Indigenous Science, a Storied Landscape, Ethical relationality, as well as related contemporary movements in the field including: Biocultural Landscapes, Ethnobotany, Ethnobiology and Ethnoecology. Join us for an indepth look into landscapes from an Indigenous perspective.  

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:  2 hours 
  • Video Time:  12 minutes
  • Creator: Tawaw Architecture Collective
  • Learners: 95+

What to Anticipate

  • Learning Outcomes 

    • Understand the difference between Indigenous and western science;
    • Understand foundational concepts that connect Indigenous people to nature: Ethical Relationality, Place Attachment, Place Meaning and Storied Landscape;
    • Understand place attachment in the urban context;
    • Understand what is meant by the term Indigenous Planning;
    • Define recent movements in the field of Planning impacting Indigenous peoples;
    • Understand Indigenous methodologies, and their distinction from western methodologies;
    • Understand movements in participatory practices including Spatial agency, social space and the Indigenous Placekeeping FrameworkTM;
    • Adhere to the unique planning processes of Indigenous communities to address the needs of the community and support sustainability;
    • Gain the ability to analyze the impact of urbanization and current panning practices on Indigenous communities; and
    • Recognize and learn the planning processes in Indigenous communities
  • Subtopics embedded in the Workshop: 

    The following topics are addressed: Indigenous Science + Sustainability; Sense of Place: Attachment and Meaning; Planning Protocols (urban and reserve); Theory: Methods + Movements; Design Methods: Applied; and Definitions
  • Lecture with Wanda Dalla Costa

    Indigenous architect and scholar, Dalla Costa, provides an introduction to the workshop, highlighting critical referents in  landscape architecture. 

Wanda Dalla Costa

Wanda Dalla Costa is a member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Northern Alberta and brings 25 years of experience working with communities across North America. She is the first, First Nations woman to be licensed to practice architecture in Canada and the Principal of Tawaw Architecture Collective Inc. located in Phoenix, Arizona and Calgary, Alberta. Back in 2010, she created the Indigenous Placekeeping FrameworkTM a highly collaborative approach that aims to enlarge the community’s role in the planning and designing of urban and rural environments.
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